Dakota Petroleum Group

Dakota Petroleum Group

Dakota Petroleum Group, LLC. (DPG) is a privately held independent oil and gas company with exploration success in Texas since 2013. Since our inception we have approached development with two core beliefs:

  • We partner with other oil and gas companies and operators in most ventures, giving us the ability to use collective analysis and data from several geologists, which enhances our exploration possibilities;
  • Combined with our interest owners, we are able to increase our capital and take larger controlling interest positions in most projects.

Being guided by our core beliefs we have been successful at developing larger leases with higher volumes of production and long-term development potential. We have maintained a steady drilling average  since our inception and currently looking to acquire our first production field.

The mission of Dakota Petroleum Group LLC, is to be a growth-oriented partner developing the West-Central Texas lower Wolfcampian Tannehill and West Texas Midland Basin areas, which are major oil-producing intervals, and creating quality projects with long-term potential, while maintaining our commitment to excellence and our heritage of doing business with honesty and integrity.

Bobby Teddlie

President/Dakota Petroleum Group, LLC

Investment Strategy

DPG recognizes that the oil and gas industry is dynamic and therefore the individual steps required for critical evaluation of any opportunity are, and should be, mutable.

However, DPG understands that accurate assessments regarding the current financial landscape of the energy sector are critical to successfully managing risk, creating value, and making a profit.